There is so much suffering and need in the world. It can easily make us (me) feel overwhelmed and guilty. Overwhelmed because how can one person make any real difference? Guilty because we have so much and others have so little.  I've found that the most tangible way to change the world is one person at time. Every interaction we have is an opportunity to show kindness, forgiveness and grace.  I also regularly support a number of charities and non-profits that do work that is dear to my heart, meaning that every class, workshop, training or retreat you participate in you help support these charities. And, going forward, each yoga retreat I lead will have an opportunity to serve the community we visit. This is my commitment to giving, I share this to be held accountable and to inspire others to give.



china little flower

Recognizing the beauty and dignity of each and every individual person, China Little Flower works to build a culture of life by reaching out to those who are rejected, abandoned, deemed as useless, and who have no voice. Whether by direct care, support, or education, we seek to show the value of each human life and build a culture that respects, protects, loves and serves life!

  • Hospice care for orphans
  • Group educational foster care
  • Special Care for infants
  • Long-term care for severely disabled children
  • Special causes

Every young person has a family unconditionally committed to nurture, protect and guide them to successful adulthood.

Young people who leave the foster care or juvenile justice system without safe, stable, permanent family connections face grim outcomes, including high rates of homelessness, unemployment, early parenting and lack of education.

Plummer Youth Promise is changing that by deeply and effectively engaging families for each young person we serve while building their skills and community connections, and by sharing our knowledge with others.


Family Promise North Shore Boston aims to return newly homeless families to economic self-sufficiency, while serving each family that experiences homelessness in  a manner that embraces the dignity and strength of the family. We are committed to keeping families together during their time of homelessness and to helping them through the process of finding support and housing.


Radiolab is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.


A coalition stretching across Iraq, Syria, the United States, and beyond, working together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible through humanitarian aid (water food, medical) and fostering economic independence (small business grants, training, education).