Anna has been a dedicated student of yoga for over 15 years and a teacher for 10. Her passion and commitment to the practice is apparent by the depth and integrity of her teaching.  Forever a student, Anna has studied in depth with many different schools of yoga as well as non-yoga modalities.  She draws on her creativity and broad experience to compose classes that meld form and intuitive flow. Her precise alignment cueing and intelligent sequencing offer a therapeutic and balanced practice to guide each practitioner to their fullest potential.  Anna gently asks that her students be aware, intentional, curious, dedicated and open.  Anna teaches a variety of class 'styles' but her objective is always the same; to share her love of yoga and safely deliver a meditative practice that leaves participants feeling revitalized, freeing them from the mental clutter in their minds and the physical tension in their bodies.  She lives in Beverly with her husband, Dave, her daughter, Ruthie and her Dog, Marilyn.

You were literally put on this earth to teach yoga.
— Paula Q.
There’s a studio much closer to my house that I go to, but they don’t do what you.’
— Stephanie B.
I think you are one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have been in California for weeks checking out different studios and styles of yoga and I have liked NONE of them. I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate your style of teaching. Your cues are direct and informative and you’re so natural. The poses I have been able to get into are all because of how you lead and explain. I just felt the need to share because I’m just watching your videos until I find someone that I like! So THANK YOU! Thanks for sharing your yoga with the community, you’re a rock star.
— Alicia D.
Yoga is my new sport. And it’s one that is not tearing away at my joints and ligaments and doing damage. It’s actually helping. I have less aches and pains when I’m going to your class. I even take short runs now and it doesn’t hurt after. I don’t just use what I learn from you in your class. I hit down dog in the office all the time. I’ll jog to the park and do a quick yoga sesh by myself. I’m learning about my body. I’m finding details in motion and stability I didn’t know where there before. I think it’s helping to support my frame in a stronger healthier way. It’s not the high after winning a rugby match, but laying down for nappy time at the end of your class is pretty close. Sometimes I just lay there and smile :) I really like your class. Your sequencing, your voice is calming and your instructions are clear. I think I’ve learned a lot from you, and I’m learning more every class. Thanks for being a great instructor and bringing yoga into my life.
— Ken S.
Every one of our classes is a big deal because I feel like I walk away having done something I’ve never done before and that feels amazing. Even if its just picking up a toe that previously insisted on staying on the ground. I love what I’m learning and I am thankful.
— Lianna S.