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Sweet Tranquility , Retreat to Southern Italy

For many years a yoga retreat has lingered in my mind but the timing and the expense always seemed to be a deterrent. I finally threw caution to the wind, and said yes to a retreat with Anna. It was an unforgettable experience. Not just for the yoga (which was perfect), but for the chance to meet new people, experience a different culture, and to truly separate from daily routines and expectations. Anna was exceedingly helpful, warm, and knowledgeable before and throughout the retreat. If a yoga retreat is on your bucket list, Anna will provide a wonderful experience.
— Karen S.

You guys! This region! Heart-eyes emojis x1000! I fell in love with this area when I visited and am thrilled to share it. We'll be in the 'heel of the boot' that is Italy, in the region of Apulia, where the Europeans go for holiday. Serene countryside with olive groves and farms, stunning coastline, traditional architecture unique to the area, food, wine and laid-back charm. This area invites you to slow down and enjoy ‘the sweet life’. Our setting is private retreat center located on 14 acres of farm land. Allow the languid pace, tranquil setting and daily yoga peel back life’s layers and inspire a deep sigh for your entire being.


Our home for the week is family run retreat center on 14 acres of private farm land. The buildings date back to the 16th century, all beautifully restored to reflect the tranquil setting of your surroundings. The main house is a ‘masseria’ a traditional Apulia farmhouse. Also on the property are 5 ‘trulli’ rooms, traditional conical huts with stoned archways, found only in this region of Italy. Around the property you’ll find many lounge areas as well as a large swimming pool with shaded and sun loungers. Massage services can be booked on site. Meals are healthy, vegetarian and locally sourced. And of course, delicious organic and local Italian wines available for purchase.


Included in this retreat are 3 special excursions.

  • A visit to a beautiful local market in Martina Franca, historic center visit and Granita coffee experience.

  • A visit to the famous village on the cliff Polignano a Mare, then stop to Adriatic seaside beach club for a a dip, lunch and a lounge. Next off to olive oil taste at Masseria Brancati with visit to ancient underground mill and tour walk in the field with olive trees. Last a stop in Ostuni, the white town, for a charming stroll, shopping and gelato.

  • Heading further south with a visit to Lecce "the Florence of the South", then to the wonderful Bauxite caves, ending in Otranto one of the most famous town in Salento.


Puglia (or Apulia) is located in the ‘heel’ of the boot of Italy. A peninsula with the Ionian sea on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other. The area is known for its miles of Mediterranean coastline, centuries old farm lands and white-washed conical stone houses. This lesser-known area offers a peaceful and authentic taste of “the sweet life”.


Yoga will take place in the fully renovated 18th century barn, complete with wood flooring, traditional stone arches and white-washed walls. Morning practice will be slow-flow, strong and deep, intuitive and intelligent, each class building on each other with time for mediation, pranayama and posture lessons. Evening will be focused on relaxation, with more breath work, and restorative yoga with a sprinkling of deep-stretch and ending with guided deep relaxation.


7 nights/8 days accommodation

12 yoga classes

Daily Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner*

3 excursions



Your transport to/from the airport


Massage Services

Lunch on excursion days


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