Saying Goodbye to Saturdays at Sakti

Almost 7 years ago I was offered a class on Saturday's at 4pm at Yoga Sakti. Not only was it my first class at Yoga Sakti, it was my first class teaching at a yoga studio. I had been teaching at the Y for 3 years and was desperately trying to make teaching yoga my career. I had tried to get my foot in the door at all of the studios around the area but to no avail. I found out there was an open 'audition' for a new time slot at Yoga Sakti. I signed up to try out and, nervous sweating with butterflies in my stomach, I went. Among the group of about 10 people they chose 4 of us to rotate teaching on Saturdays. After 1/2 a year of that my classes were the best attended so the class officially became mine (a little peek into the cut-throat world of yoga teaching, ha!). Teaching this class literally opened the door to growth in my path as a teacher. I am so grateful to have had it as a platform for the past 7 years. I have been contemplating giving it up for over 2 years now! Its not a decision I made lightly, clearly! Leading teacher trainings at least one weekend every month and having this class leaves little room offering other workshops & trainings, and it was limiting precious family time. This Saturday, September 28, will be my last Saturday, I will still be teaching Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm. To all of you who've joined me on your weekend afternoons over the years, thank you! I will truly miss our time together.