Santorini Reflections

Rituals. Like many other parts of my life, I now have rituals around my retreats. Habits and disciplines created for my optimal operating. I usually arrive a few days before the retreat begins so I can catch up on my sleep and synthesize with my environment. I begin to open myself to what needs to be taught. I spend time in my physical practice as well as mediation and writing to distill and clarify. In Greece I was able to do this in the yoga space, receiving the teachings for the week but also infusing the space with intention and energy.

There was something truly magical about Greece. The warm air, the dramatic landscape, the sea, the people, THE PEOPLE! The kindest, warmest, most welcoming people ever. The way of life seems to just hang in the air. Its infectious without you even knowing. I found myself walking slower, lingering over meals, taking more time for everything. And its had a lasting effect. I’m attempting to give a bit more time and care to some simpler things at home, like preparing dinner. At least once a week, rather than rushing and cooking out of habit I try and create. To give a meal my whole attention. To simply be more present in the day to day. Often by just being present, the everyday events become meaningful. This is the lesson I learned from Greece.

For two weeks I had the honor of teaching yoga, soaking in a magnificent country and spending time with my new best friends. So much laughter and joy and so much depth. I have come to believe deeply in the power of travel partnered with yoga. The sacred act of embodying yourself with intention in an environment, it opens channels. Its a primal communication to the earth around you that you are here and you are open and you are willing to be affected. So honored this is my ‘work’. Much love to my Greece retreaters!